Loose cover and upholstery business United Kingdom Europe
Loose cover and upholstery business United Kingdom Europe
Loose cover and upholstery business United Kingdom Europe
Loose cover and upholstery business United Kingdom Europe


Eeze Covers Academy

Not only do we make the Uks finest tailored covers, we now run a worldwide training academy Eeze Covers Academy Our master tailor Paul showcases his skills on this new training website with full step-by-step tutorials covering a vast variety of models. Each training tutorial is broken down into step-by-step easy-to-digest tutorials. With Paul's 34 years of experience, he is now sharing this with members throughout the world, members including professional loose cover makers wanting to perfect their trade and also a growing number of amateur home sewing machinists, curtain machinists, and upholsterers. Paul's motto is "If you can sew I can 100% teach you how to make tailored covers that fit to perfection" Don't believe him please check out some of the photographs below and our continually growing blog posts HERE.


Initially, what started out as a dream Paul made a few comments on Facebook and within a matter of days, he realised there could be a demand for his services so he rapidly set up a Facebook group which can be found HERE and within two weeks he had 2500 new members so this is where the idea came for Eeze Covers Academy. So what is the academy and how does it work?  well, Paul just does what he does which is make fantastically fitted covers only now he is recording each and every detail so his members can copy exactly how he goes about his craft. His members join the website on a subscription basis and have full access to his training material which they can watch at their own leisure. The feedback so far has been fantastic with members posting pictures and recommendations from all over the world.


Have you always dreamt of making your own covers? well now you can all you need is the ability to sew (please note we cannot teach you to sew) but we will teach you to make the most awesome of fitted tailored loose covers.

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Our online slipcover loose cover course is gaining new members from all over the world, Our Facebook group now as over 2500 members.



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We are building the worlds largest online tutorial training resource. No need to book a physical course that costs hundreds. You can watch our training tutorials at your own pace.


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Learn to make fitted slipcovers that fit to perfection


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We teach you to make covers online so easy to follow. 


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Online loose cover course 


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What can I say?

This is the one of the reasons I love what I do when I see how easy my members pick up my learning style. I always teach on my videos like you are sat watching me (which you are really) I break every piece down so you can follow exactly like I do. Most tutorials are broken down into 6-7 small videos and I cover all aspects

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Katreena .

All I can say is Wow!

I was so pleased to receive Katreenas photographs of the completed armchair and then within a matter of days she sends me another set of photographs this time of a very difficult rounded tub chair.

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