Another member creates a loose cover masterpiece


loose cover course in the uk


I think Mary deserves a round of applause for this fantastic tailored cover. She took this chair on for a customer having not made covers from my tutorials before.  I am (Paul) personally very impressed as its not the easiest of chairs to take on. Mary did message me a few times while doing the tutorial and I was very happy to send her a few tips (As I am with all my members)

I asked Mary a few questions

1. How did you find the tutorial?  

   I found the tutorial very easy to understand and follow. Repeating some of the steps for emphasis is also helpful.


2. Have you made covers before? 

   Yes, I have made a few covers for myself with stretchy fabric, regardless if I was off on the sewing or not it still fit. But when I was asked to make 2 of them for a client with a no-stretch fabric, I felt a little overwhelmed. I purchased a pin fitting tutorial and that got me through the first one. But I felt like a pin cushion when I was sewing. And I had to use the seam ripper more than I’d like to admit. 


3.Would you do another tutorial?

Yes, your tutorials are easy to understand and follow. 


4.    Would you recommend my training methods?

I definitely would recommend your method. After watching your method and making the pattern. I still didn’t trust my marks though. I sewed the arms and made sure they fit and the same with each of the other sections. They all fit great, without restitching anything. Once it was all together, I took a deep breath and put it on the chair and love the fit. Your tip on steaming made it even better. 

5.    What experience do you have in sewing. 

I have been sewing for 50+ years. I started with crafts, pillows and curtains. Then I moved on to embroidered book covers and sold many.  When asked to do alterations on gowns and men’s suits, I purchased a course from an English tailor. It was very satisfying to get such professional results.  But to make a garment from a pattern, forget it, I just couldn’t make it work. That is why I was so worried about making a pattern for this slipcover. Now that I know that it works, I will be offering them more often. 

6.    Do you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course? 

I have an upholstery business. Teal Tomorrow Upholstery, Inc. was established in 2018. 

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7.    Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses 

Yes, this first slipcover job paid for the course and offers different styles of furniture which goes beyond the basics. 

8.    Any other feedback

Everyone learns in different ways and instructors teach different methods. I have 3 different slipcover courses in my digital library, I have learned valuable lessons from them all. Together they have made a huge difference in the quality after just one slipcover. I look forward to watching more of your tutorials and making more slipcovers.