Loose Covers Vs Reupholstery


Often we are asked what is the difference between covers and reupholstery, to be honest, they both have there benefit’s below we will try to explain.


Reupholstery the price tends to be more expensive usually by hundreds but there is a lot of work involved if opting for full reupholstery which would include stripping the furniture and inner foams then building back up from a bare frame. At Eeze Covers, we do offer reupholstery but to be honest when people see the fit of our covers and the price difference the majority of customers tend to opt for the tailored covers.Loose covers for chaise longue


Our tailored covers fit like a glove and we always aim to follow the shape of the original furniture regardless of the complicity involved. Our customers often comment that they cannot believe that they are actually covers, in fact, we recently had a customer who got very irate with us thinking we had reupholstered her furniture rather than make tailored covers. When our head tailor Paul explained and showed the lady the concealed zip she was absolutely gobsmacked and ever so apologetic, we took this as a very good compliment of our work.loose cover fabrics

The biggest advantage of loose covers is the ability to remove and clean keeping your covers in fresh condition.

We also now offer a copy cover service, basically, you send us your old covers to be replicated we can alter the covers from the original state if you are not quite happy with the fit ie shrunk or just ill-fitting we can change or alter the new covers to get a much better fit. We simply forward you a very easy to follow measurement chart, this service is proving to be very popular indeed and also is the most cost-effective option that we offer simply because there is no traveling too and fro measuring and fitting instead this is all done by post. 

We can also provide new cushion interiors at the same time of providing new covers so the furniture has that new look and also prolongs the life of the furniture.A tailored Multiyork loose covers

Another way we keep our covers very competitively priced is we don’t have salespeople and therefore no commissions to pay instead we send out free fabric samples for you to choose at home just fill in our contact form giving us a good idea of the types of colour and fabrics you require and we will have samples to you within a few days.


If your furniture already has loose covers please let us know on the contact form so we can give you the discounted prices.