Julie Makes The Most Beautiful Tailored Cover


Just when I thought I had seen probably one of the best covers made by one of my members, Raymond! suddenly I look in my inbox and Julie sends me these most awesome of photographs showing how she covered these two very awkward shaped chairs. 

Julie sent me photos of the pattern progression and as you can see she followed my tutorial absolutely to perfection and created the most beautifully tailored covers and adding to this just look at the pattern placement it's 100%.

I just love my members posting me their finished pieces it really makes me feel so very proud I mean just look at these pictures, can they be improved upon? I really don't think so, in fact, I would say most professional cover makers would be proud to turn out work like this I know I would. 

I asked Julie a few questions

1. How did you find the tutorial? 

I found the tutorials easy to follow. I like how Paul explains how to figure out where to make relief cuts and wrap the fabric around a piece of furniture.  In the tough areas that I have struggled with, Paul has made the process much easier for me.

2. Have you made covers before? 
 I have been making slipcovers for years for family and friends using the "reverse pin" method.  Paul's patterning method makes more sense to me and I feel more confident that the product will come out even better. 

3. Would you do another tutorial? 
Yes!  I will continue using all the tutorials.  I cannot get enough of them!  I hope to do a Tub Chair next.

4. Would you recommend my training methods?  
Yes, 100%+ !

5. What experience do you have in sewing?  
I have been sewing for 25+ years.

6.  Do you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course?  

7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses?
Absolutely. I feel I have wasted money on other courses as they did not give the detail that Paul has or the great results.  Had the price been any higher I wouldn't have been able to subscribe.

8. Any other feedback?
I have been sewing slipcovers for family and friends for years now and have always struggled with a couple of areas on couches and chairs.  Paul's patterning method changed all that.  After watching several of his videos it became clear that there are other ways to get a tight, professional fit other than my reverse pinning way.  The patterning and cutting training videos are quite easy to follow and Paul explains everything very well.  I cannot get enough of them.  Keep them coming, Paul!


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