Raymond from Scotland Makes This Perfectly Fitted Loose Cover.


I am always proud when I see one of my students complete a project but what Raymond as produced is absolutely to perfection and a very difficult chair to cover. Talk about jumping in at the deep end!

I have personally been making covers for over 30 years and even I would need to think about how to tackle this chair so I give Raymond my utmost respect in creating a cover so wonderfully fitted. 

Here is the glowing testimonial Raymond gave me

As an upholsterer who has spent his entire working life in the trade I can highly recommend Paul's course. Although I occasionally did loose covers I really struggled with them and I found them to be fiddly and time consuming. I subscribed to Paul's course at the beginning of the UK lockdown and it has transformed the way I think, pattern, cut and sew for loose covers. The benefits of his course really become apparent when you physically put them into practice. Just my honest and reasonably educated opinion. ????

I asked Raymond a few questions


1. How did you find the tutorials

I have found Paul’s tutorials to be easy to follow, informative and enjoyable to watch.


2. Have you made covers before

I have made covers in the past but I used to generally turn away loose cover jobs as I preferred to do re-upholstery.

3. Would you have a go at another of the tutorials

Yes, I would definitely do another tutorial.

4. Would you recommend my training

Yes, I would recommend Paul’s methods. Although I had some previous experience they have changed the way I pattern and cut covers and made the whole process so much easier for me

5. Do you have previous experience

I have been in the upholstery trade all my working life so have been sewing for over 30 years.

6. Do you have your own furnishing business

I run my own re-upholstery business and would like to add tailored covers to the services I offer.

7. Do you think my tutorials are good value for money

I think the course is great value. The first cover I have produced since taking Paul's course has virtually paid for my years subscription.

Any other feedback

Paul’s course has totally transformed my approach and outlook to making loose/tailored covers. Paul’s videos are clear and full of good information. In short they have changed me from an upholsterer who would have shied away from making covers into an upholsterer who is relishing the opportunity to produce them. I look forward to putting the knowledge gleaned from the course into good use in the future.


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Raymonds Before and After Pictures

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