What a lovely surprise this was when I opened my emails

Marlena one of my new members over in Greece copied my tutorial and created this fabulous masterpiece! This cover not only fits perfectly and looks beautiful but is made to a professional standard and more than good enough to start a new business and start offering this fantastic make up to customers on a professional basis.

I really love seeing what my members produce and this particular cover proves beyond doubt my way works and works very well, it is a quick way to take slipcover templates and a very accurate way and extremely easy to learn! all you need to know is how to sew and I will teach you the rest. You simply watch my tutorials at your own pace you can watch pause copy all in your own time and you can jump from one tutorial to the next, I am building the worlds largest slipcover/loose cover tutorial library.

Lots of my members are now starting their own professional slipcover/loose cover business or they are adding the service to an already existing business. Now is a great time to start learning this trade not only because its easy to learn but because there are not many slipcover/loose cover makers around anymore and even less that can turn out work of Marlenas standard.

I asked Marlena what she thought of my training and her reply was

"The tutorials are very good and very well explained and the price is right, I really like your methods"

Thank you Marlena and I look forward to seeing your next slipcover project.

You can learn my methods HERE


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