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These are  Giselles words, one of my latest members to complete a loose cover tutorial.

1.How did you find the training tutorial:  

I really enjoyed doing this tutorial, well explained and easy to follow.


2.Have you made covers before. 

No, never this is my first ever cover


3.Would you do another tutorial. 

Absolutely, I really enjoyed this training method


4.would you recommend my training methods?  

Yes I absolutely would 


5.what experience do you have in sewing.  

I have my own soft furnishing business making blinds and curtain but never tried anything like this before.  Love trying new things


6. Do you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course.

Not sure at the moment, although it's great to have another string to my bow in the services that I can offer.  However, I need to do a lot more practising before I start offering this new service I am already planning my next tutorial

7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses. 

I haven’t seen any other courses but I think it is great value.    If I had taken my chair to be recovered it would have cost me far more than the tutorials membership fee.   If I had bought a new chair, it would have cost me more than the tutorials.   This way I have learnt and still learning new skills and I also have a new chair.


8.Any other feedback.  

If you could show some of your machinists putting the fabrics together and any tips they might have that would be useful.  If you could show a zip going in also.    Seam allowances??

Pauls! reply yes, this is all going to be added to the site but due to the current covid issues and my machinists isolating it might be a few more weeks/months.