Online loose cover slip cover training website goes live

Our first member to complete an Eeze Covers Academy tutorial is Dawn and what a fantastic job she has done.

I am so impressed with the great job she had done having no previous experience of making a tailored cover.

Dawn sent me this

This was the first time doing anything like this using Pauls tutorial.

I found the video clear and informative and easy to follow, I can sew but it's normally clothes so this was something completely different.

I look forward to doing more in the future.

Thanks again



I asked Dawn a few questions

1.How did you find the tutorial:


Easy to follow instructions great that you can pause video


2.Have you made covers before

No never


3.Would you do another tutorial

Yes absolutely


4.would you recommend my training methods

Definitely would.


5.what experience do you have in sewing.

Self employed seamstress for 15 years you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course.

Yes I would


7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses

Yes I think the price is brilliant

Would you like to learn the art?

You can also learn the art of tailored covers by joining my site. All you need is a little sewing experience the rest I can teach you.

Click here to join my loose cover course

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