Making Loose Covers Online The Eeze Way


I was so pleased to receive these photographs and glowing testimonials for my loose cover tutorials today.

I asked Sarah a few questions and these are her answers

.How did you find the tutorial:

I found the tutorial really easy to follow, great to be able to pause and look back over the section I was working on. The sewing instructions were also really useful and made it so easy to complete the covers, without getting overwhelmed with the number of panels/pieces that had to be sewed together.


2.Have you made covers before

I have made covers before however, I have never followed any process in making them. Following the tutorial made it so much easier and a much better result


3.Would you do another tutorial?

This is now the second tutorial I have done and a great result every time!


4.would you recommend my training methods?

I would definitely recommend this training method, really easy to follow and clearly explained to each step.


5.what experience do you have in sewing. you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course.

I currently run my own soft furnishings upholstery business and I am now feeling far more confident in offering loose covers as a service with the training offered in the tutorials.


7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses

yes excellent value for money


8.Any other feedback

The set of loose covers I made were for 2 armchairs and a sofa, the tip on how to measure the sofa from the armchairs, is amazing! Fitted perfectly and was so much easier than having to remove the sofa from the customer's house.

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