Loose Cover course Sonia makes a beautiful cover

Another fantastic loose cover completed on our tutorial site this time by Sonia. We love it when the members of our online loose cover training course send us photographs of their finished projects, it just proves our training methods work. 

Our site has only been live for 2-3 weeks and we have 4-5 finished projects already and all the members are singing our praises of "how easy to follow our tutorials are" I think we have got our training method correct I was a little apprehensive but I think because I break the training down into smaller tutorials it really does help our members take the information in.

Anyway enough about us.

I asked Sonia a few questions

.How did you find the tutorial:  I found the tutorial easy to follow.  Each process was explained very clearly.


2.Have you made covers before:  I have made a few covers in the past but have always struggled to achieve a really good fit.


3.Would you do another tutorial:  Absolutely.  I can’t wait to get started on the next tutorial.


4.would you recommend my training methods:  Definitely.


5.what experience do you have in sewing:  I have made lots of curtains, Roman blinds and cushions.


6.do you have a furnishing business, if not would you be tempted to start a business later in the course:  Yes I do have a soft furnishings business.



7. Do you think the tutorials are good value for money compared to other courses:  I do think they are value for money.  Years ago I attended a four day course which cost a few hundred pounds.  There was only enough time to focus on one chair but I didn’t feel any more confident afterwards.


8.Any other feedback:  I have searched for a loose cover training course a few times over the years

without success.  The one I attended about twenty odd years ago was about 190 miles away.  I’m so excited about doing this course as it looks like it’s going to include quite a few different styles and shapes of furniture.  I’ve been asked to make some covers for a Parker Knoll suite which I’ve noticed you are including in one of your tutorials so it should be good timing.

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